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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

STOLEN - JOTA Blanket Badge

I received such sad news from our friend DK8ZM:

"Hi PV

During the last night of the Jamboree in Ireland someone is stolen my
Radio scouting and JOTA Badges collection.
This are about 300 rare Badges. Many of you know this collection.
In Ireland at the last day of the Jamboree the most of the scouts
where schocked, that anybody stolen a collection of a Scout...
They are doing here many,but till now there is no luck.
please have a eye open for me, when any Scout want to sell many JOTA
badges or show a big JOTA collection.
Next monday I will send you a mail with a picture of this blanket.
When you want to see which badges are on this blanket you can see it

PLEASE help me that this thief had no fun with this collection.
The police here in Ireland knows allready about this problem and will
also look for them.
I think also many scout here in Ireland.
Many thanks for help...

Jochen DK8ZM

P.S. please send this mail to your Scout friends. When many scouts know this I hopefully get my blanket back

Jochen Sulovsky (DK8ZM) JOTA Badge Collection

It such a huge lost for him as all those badges are indeed rare. Please help him lookout in any auction or online trading websites.

Centenary Stamps

Monday, August 11, 2008

List of Schools Participating / Senarai Penyertaan

Kami menjangkakan 700 ahli Pengakap dan Pandu Puteri!!

We are expecting 700 Scouts and Girl Guides!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cub Scouts Day / Hari Pengakap Kanak-Kanak

Semua Kumpulan Pengakap Kanak-kanak adalah dijemput untuk menghadiri Hari Pengakap Kanak-kanak sempena Perkhemahan JOTA-JOTI Bukit Mertajam.

Tarikh : 18hb Oktober 2008
Masa : 8.00pagi - 12.00tghari
Bayaran : RM 10.00 untuk lencana, sijil, skaf dan makanan
Aktiviti : Ham-Radio, Internet, Pertandingan
Hubungi : ACL Soon +012 3400 596 /


All Cub Scouts are invited to attend the JOTA Cub Scouts Day. Let's join your big brothers and sisters and explore the world of JOTA and JOTI.

Date : 18th October 2008
Date : 8.00am - 12.00pm
Fee : RM 10.00 for badge, certificate, skaf and light lunch
Activity : Ham-Radio, Internet, Games
Contact : ACL Soon +012 3400 596 /