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Saturday, September 27, 2008

JOTA Blankets Found!

A few weeks ago I posted about Jochen's JOTA Badge blanket got stolen. However, I was indeed happy for him when I received this email:

Hello Scouts... After 6 weeks of horror and many help from the Scouting Ireland and also from my Scoutfriends around the world are my JOTA Badge Blankets back in Germany... Today the paket with my two blankets arrive save in Germany and everythingis ok with the blankets :-) The blankets were taken by a young Venture Scout, but now he knows hismistake... So I´m very happy to hold my collection in my hands. So now I want to say to all of you many thanks for your help. The help and the many mails from everybody of you around the world was really great. I´m happy to be a Scout...MANY THANKS to you and hope we will hear us during the JOTA-JOTI 2008 or ona Camp in the next years... And when you hold a JOTA Badge for my collection please write me a mail...
YiSJochen DK8ZM

NOTE : I recieved this email dated 18th September 2008 :)